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Why are senior pictures such a big deal?

Senior photographs represent one of life's exciting transitions! All too quickly, this time will end and you will cherish mementos from this stage of your journey. Family members and friends will proudly display your senior photos and review them in your yearbook for many years to come, so these portraits are very important! A professional photography session will generate images that all of you will be proud of for generations.

What are your outdoor sessions like?

Our high school seniors enjoy casual, relaxed and enjoyable shoots on location in Northern New Mexico's extraordinary scenery.Although sessions last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours, they seem to pass much faster because they are so much fun!

Shooting very quickly, we produce 50-70 images for each client's selection process.

For even more excitement, friends are welcome to share their photo sessions and split the regular $50 sitting fee. Friends persuade each other to loosen up, clown around and always make each other smile; they just have a blast together.

We encourage our clients to bring up to three favorite outfits, along with personal grooming items and props. Effectively communicating your interests, personality and style are crucial to the success of your shoot. Items like sports equipment, musical instruments, uniforms and letterman jackets certainly add flavor! We will even photograph a vehicle or your pet, if you let us know in advance - particularly if you are bringing a horse!

Why should I use Southern Exposure to do my portrait?

For over 25 years, we have operated a successful professional photography company in the Enchanted Circle. Our portfolio includes special events such as motorcycle rallies, youth sports, proms, as well as three decades of Red River Ski Area portraiture, Rio Grande whitewater rafting, family portraits, reunions and weddings.

Our in-house, high-speed processing lab and our great staff make personalized service easy.

Southern Exposure's Owner and primary photographer, Carl Brown, has over 35 years of professional experience. A resident of Taos County for over 30 years, and Carl is the father of eight children (So he might know a thing or two about teenagers).

How do I get more info or book a session?

Give us a call at 575-754-6495. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have and will quickly book your Southern Exposure senior photo session.