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Carl Brown

Owner, CEO/ PrimaryPhotographer

Member: Professional Photographers of America

International Christian Photographers

Since moving to Red River over two decades ago, Carl Brown has earned a reputation for the extraordinary ability to "shoot from the hip" and create perfect photos while mastering difficult photographic circumstances. Over 35 years as a professional photographer have given him a distinct advantage in conquering the unique challenges of outdoor portraiture as well as special events.

His career began in 1976 with an assortment of five-star hotel photographic assignments at vacation resorts in Florida, Georgia and on Mackinac Island in Michigan. Carl soon learned that he had the gift of artistic photographic expression along with an uncanny ability to work quickly - a valuable combination of skills.

He quickly trained as a ski photographer after relocating to the mountains and found that his skills transferred well to the slopes. Three years later, he bought the Red River ski photography operation and Southern Exposure was born.

That same year, Carl began the adventure of shooting whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande River. He also enjoys the challenge of shooting special events such as high school proms, youth sports, bicycle races and motorcycle rallies! Enchanting outdoor family portraits, reunions, senior portraits and a significant number of weddings each year complete his repertoire.

Because Carl shoots all portraits and reunions in God's studio, "The Great Outdoors," his clients can relax and be casual! Many say that their portrait shoot was as much fun as anything they did on their vacation. That is his goal - that people would have fun as well as come away with great photos!

A Personal Word from Carl -

"During many photo sessions I've heard people say, 'Carl, you are so patient! 'Patience comes in handy when I'm shooting family portraits and weddings, especially when we're outdoors.

I've found that God doesn't just give us patience per se, but that He does give us circumstances that teach it. God knew that I would be in the people business, so He chose to bless me with lots of children to teach me this trait. I am thankful for eight beautiful children, eleven grandchildren and the wonderful relationships in my life.

Knowing how special my personal family photographs are to me, I understand how much your photos mean to you. That is why I take all of my assignments very seriously. I am confident that I will be able to meet or exceed your expectations. Preserving memories that will be cherished forever brings me great pleasure. It's fun!"