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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Portraits

Why are family portraits such a big deal?
Family portraits represent one of life's most incredible treasures, family! Children grow up incredibly fast and time passes all too quickly. You will cherish mementos from this stage of your family's journey. Friends and relatives will love your wall art portraits in your home as well as the ones purchased for their homes for many years to come. So, these portraits are very important!Your professional photography session will generate images that everyone will be proud of for generations.

Why shoot your family portrait while you are on vacation?
You are surrounded by beautiful scenery, a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and you are away from your hectic, everyday schedule. On vacation the whole family is actually together and having a good time and enjoying the nature and fun environment. Can you think of a better time to take a family portrait?

What are your outdoor photo sessions like?
Our families enjoy casual, relaxed and enjoyable shoots at beautiful locations inNorthern New Mexico's extraordinary scenery. A convenient, central meeting place and time are arranged and although sessions last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours, they seem to pass much faster because they are so much fun! Shooting very quickly, we capture many different images for your family's selection process. We photograph more than the main family group. You session will include images of the separate families the children together and separate, parents, and don’t forget the grandparents and grandkids

What will my family portraits cost?

Family portrait sessions are booked in advance. At the time of the booking, a session fee of $100.00 plus a proof deposit of $200.00 is collected. The deposit will be applied towards your purchase. Total payable at booking or before the session is $300.00 plus tax. For more info on products and prices please click on Portrait prices button tab.

How canI get more info or book a session?

In Red River, come by our main street store at 316 East Main Street or give us a call at 575 754-6495.

Do you sell the digital images?
As a professional photography and print artist company, we mainly serve families that are interested in quality portraits that they can proudly display. We still believe in the everlasting value of a professionally photographed printed wall art. We enjoy knowing that our family portraits will be preserved overtime through a nice quality prints.

Why should I use Southern Exposure to do my portrait?

For over 30 years, we have operated a successful, professional photography company in the Enchanted Circle area. Our portfolio includes special events such as Motorcycle Rallies, RedRiver Ski Area Portraiture, Rio Grande Whitewater Rafting, Family Portraits,Reunions, Weddings, Senior Portraits and School Portraits.

Our in-house, high-speed processing lab and our great staff make special customer service easy!

Southern Exposure's owner and primary photographer Carl Brown has over 40 years of professional experience. As a resident of Taos County for over 30 years Carl knows the area well and knows the best scenery for taking portrait. Carl is the father of eight children where he learned the patience needed to be a understanding and entertaining photographer. The most common remark we hear is.”That was fun.” We strive to make your portrait experience to be one of the best memories of your vacation. We know that for many of our families, Red River has a special place in their hearts and will be remembered by their fun family photos.