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Kyle Brown

Photographer/ Marketing

After growing up in the beautiful town of Red River, Kyle has learned about the skill of photography through his father Carl. He first started taking photos for Southern Exposure when he was 12 years old on the Summer Chairlift and would move his way into taking photos at the River Rafting Adventures on the Rio Grande and move up to the Ski Portraits at the Red River Ski Area.

Kyle does like to spend his free time going out into the wild and photographing landscapes and other scenic views as he enjoys capturing the precise moments that nature exhibits its true beauty.

While attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque he worked at a portrait studio in the city where he learned even more techniques for portraiture photography and how to work with many children and get them to smile wide for the camera.

He really enjoys working with families to capture their best versions of themselves and tries to make it the most fun experience they will ever have during a photoshoot.

After graduating college with a Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from the University of North Texas Kyle returned to Red River to help his father continue the photography business by utilizing the business expertise in marketing and logistics to grow Southern Exposure into the next generation.